Pears are such an amazing fruit, and if you are lucky they are in season in some parts of the country.

The great thing about pears is that they so tasty fresh or baked!

Here’s a few fun facts about pears:

  • Pears are best picked when they are still firm, when the ripen on the tree they can become a little grainy so they are best ripen on the countertop or in a brown paper bag.
  • The most popular varieties of pears are- The Bartlett Pear- This is one of the most popular buttery yellow variety and is delicious when eaten raw, but falls apart when being cooked. The Bosc Pear- Has a thick brown shiny skin with a nice crisp flesh that makes for an elegant dessert or baking pear. The Green Anjou Pear- This pear has a hint of citrus which makes this pear a great salad topper, or nice on your morning oatmeal.
  • To see if they are ripe, gently press your thumb near the stems, when they are slightly soft, they are ripe!

Here are a few of my favorite pear recipes: