Caroline Armelle



Summer can be so much fun!  But, sometimes finding ways to entertain the kids day in and day out can be a bit of a challenge.  My family recently made a little trip to a real life chocolate factory, and the children were in heaven!  Mrs. Cavanaugh’s a local chocolate company has a factory in North Salt Lake City, Utah...

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11 Jul recipe: fresh tomato, mozzarella, artichoke, and olive salad

For me, summer is all about eating fresh!  I love to make delicious salads with fresh ingredients for lunch or dinner.   It helps keep the heat from the stove and oven out of my house on these hot summer days, and helps me to take advantage of all the amazing fresh foods available this time of year! Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella,...

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04 Jul recipe: panna cotta with fresh berries

Happy 4th of July!  We hope you are all enjoying celebrating with those you love!  I wanted to share a fun red, white, and blue dessert with you on a special day! Panna cotta in Italian means “cooked cream.”  This is such a simple dessert that includes cream, sugar, and vanilla simmered gently and thickened with gelatin, giving it a smooth...

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20 Jun recipe: juicing

I am such a fan of green smoothies, and lately I have loved juicing as well.  It is so refreshing to start my day with some fresh fruit and vegetable juice!  Juicing is so good for your body, and it is a great alternative to those processed juices that hardly contain any real juice! My current favorite juice that I can’t...

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