Cafe Zupas | About Our Kitchen
Nourish the Good Life

The good life comes from feeling great inside about the smart and simple choices we make every day.

At Cafe Zupas, we serve house-made soups, salads and sandwiches in our next generation kitchens. You'll find real, whole food that is prepared daily on-site, in-site and we promise, it will fit right into your busy lifestyle. We thoughtfully combine fresh, high-quality ingredients with spices and flavors from around the world to create globally-inspired recipes that taste extraordinary.

With the inviting hospitality of our team and food that you love, our hope is that you feel energized and refreshed each time you visit our kitchens.

Ingredients Matter

203 premium ingredients come into our open-source kitchens each week. From the freshest fruits and vegetables to our all-natural grilled chicken to our imported Belgian chocolate, we source premium ingredients from local purveyors and reputable national and international partners because we know you can taste the difference. Our goal is to use simple ingredients to create complex dishes intended to meet a variety of health goals without ever sacrificing delicious flavor.

The operations in our kitchen are intentionally transparent to demonstrate our dedication to clean healthy eating, inviting you to see first-hand that everything really is made-from-scratch.

Our Story

Cafe Zupas first opened it's doors in 2004 in Utah. The restaurant was founded by two entrepreneurs that had a passion for exploring the world and experiencing interesting flavors and spices from many different cultures. They wanted to create a place where families and friends could quickly enjoy a house-made meal together without compromising on the nutritional benefit real food provides. They believed it was best to make each soup by hand, each dressing and sandwich spread from scratch, and create dishes just as you would at home. They set out to build systems and recipes that made this dream possible.

Today, Cafe Zupas has over fifty restaurants across eight states, and we can't wait to serve more communities house-made food for years to come.